Between Friends: Tonika Johnson & Roy Kinsey

The two artists—and headliners of next month’s Soap Box Ball celebration—share how they met, what they’re collaborating on and what City Bureau’s mission means to them.

Public Newsroom Curator Fall 2019 Application

Get paid to guest curate three workshops in Fall 2019. The Public Newsroom is our two-hour weekly workshop series where we discuss, debate and deconstruct some of the most pressing issues in Chicago and share tools on approaching them.

Making Mamas Shine Through Engagement

This spring, City Bureau reporters experimented with tools and products to get people involved in our work. Here’s what we learned.

What’s in Your Local News Contract?

Looking back at Chicago’s 1919 race riot, we’re asking Chicagoans to produce a new call to action for shaping equitable, ethical local news today.